Agency Using Google Properties For SEO And Internet Marketing

If you are looking for your internet marketing, online marketing, digital marketing or SEO agency to help you get what YOU want - more phone calls or email inuquires or walk-ins or online sales - then make sure that they use various Google assets to help you achieve your goals. This is not necesarily restricted to just Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or Google Ads (formerly AdWords).

There are many more properties which can be used to help you gain a competitive edge over your local and/or national competitors who want that same coveted prospective lead for a new customer or client!

Some of these include:
Below you will see some examples of how Google-controlled properties are helping businesses (which serve local or national or even state-wide audiences) get more leads from intelligent online marketing. These digital assets and web properties are not necessarily going to generate leads in a stand-alone fashion. Rather, they are created and used as part of a larger strategy to help give the business a way to get more leads both from the search engines as well as other ways.

YouTube Playlist for local example:

This business offers a state-approved online drivers ed course in Illinois for those who don't yet have their licenses between the ages of 18 to 20 years old.  Using a playlist about a high-population city like Chicago helps showcase various driving situations around the city (both good and bad driving), and the playlist intersperses helpful driving tips from the business' videos on its own YouTube channel.  The playlist then links to the Chicago page on its website inside the playlist description.

Maps Driving Directions Example

This attorney in West Texas represents those charged with crimes. Due to the nature of West Texas, a 2-hour drive to his office touches on roughly 10 different counties.  In order to make his website relevant to that county, there is a driving directions map embedded on his website showing the directions from that county's courthouse to his office.

YouTube playlist for national example:

This business sells dog seat covers for SUVs, trucks, and other automobiles.  One way to evoke emotion is to include its videos along with videos featuring dogs specific to the makes and models of vehicles that the seat covers fit. In this case, the playlist for the Toyota Sequoia has such a mix of videos.


Local Service Area Map Example

This is an example of a business which provides services locally, but at customer's locations - not at a static location. In this case it offers commercial heating and cooling HVAC services in a define area.  You can see how the Map shows the geographic area served.

Google Local Auto Dealership Example:

Certain business categories for local businesses are given extra features inside their Google Business Profiles.  One such example is auto dealerships.  This link is included with the Google Business Profile (Maps listing) to showcase automobiles for sale which are uploaded directly to the Google business listing. It permits a breakdown into sub-categories by the make of vehicle such as BMW, Lexus, Toyota, etc.

Google's Example:

All Google Business Profile verified listins are permitted to create a "micro" website which combines the assets uploaded to the Business profile (Maps) listing. These include photos, map of location, reviews, images, and sometimes assets like menus (if a restaurant) and more.  Here is one such example for an attorney who serves both local audiences with trial representation and family law (divorce, custody, prenup agreements) as well as national audiences who need representation for Federal healthcare fraud.

Google Example Including Menu:

Like the above attorney micro-website permitted by the Google Business Profile, this business has a full restaurant and bar as part of its larger strip club and cabaret business.  When you click the link you will see the micro-website including the menu items as well as photos, recent reviews, a write-up about the business, a click-to-call button and an embedded Map.

Segmenting Photos Inside The Google Business Profile Listing Example:

Google Business Profiles want to see geo-tagged photos for local businesses (showing relevance to the desired geographic area) as well as uploaded Photos being segmented by the provided category. In this example, a luxury custom home builder's Maps listing has photos tagged into the provided categories of:  

Google Business Profile Ask A Question:

When a prospective client or customer searches a local company name, a verified Business listing often shows up on a deskop or laptop with the Knowledge Graph. This permits a searcher, who is logged into Google/Gmail/Android, to "ask a question" directly to the business listing. Many SEO agencies don't even know this exists, let alone train their clients on how to use this to get direct traffic and indirect traffic to the website (by improved SEO rankings showing interactivity with prospective customers/clients).  This video production company has learned how to answer questions about its various video services by answering prospects' questions such as you see here at this link.

Optimizing YouTube Videos For Ranking:

This company manufactures Made In USA clothing for active wear and cold weather situations.  This recently-uploaded video is now ranking #2 for its desired keyword phrase.

Paid Ads In YouTube:

This company does advanced interactive user design and experience marketing projects for major companies and sports teams across the United States. A recent video shows their recap for enhancing indoor golf experiences, so the company chose to have the video promoted across the country (via YouTube ads) to reach others watching videos about immersive experiences, experience design, and enhancing entertainment value for physical locations.

Reputation Management:

Some clients need help cleaning up their individual names or business names in the search results.  Here is one such example of ranking a Google property for a personal name, which needed when a mistake got out of control and hurt the reputation of an attorney/insurance agent due to a family dynamic that had nothing to do with his business.

If any of the above examples resonate with you as a way to help grow your business then contact the online marketing and SEO agency which knows how to use these Google properties to help your business goals. Click here to get started today.